About us

Founded officially in 2021 with the support of The Rufford Foundation, the Najil Cab Foundation runs entirely by volunteers dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. Our primary focus is safeguarding Colombia’s native bees and their habitats. Driven by this purpose, our team aims to create significant impacts in conservation, research, and education.

The strength of the Najil Cab Foundation lies in the diversity and talent of our team. Each member brings unique skills and unwavering dedication to our mission. Meet the people who are at the forefront of our quest:

  • Daniel Alejandro Salazar Ríos (Founder, Project Leader, and Educator): Daniel’s visionary leadership is the cornerstone of our foundation. With a background in biology and hands-on experience from his family’s agroecological farm, his journey has been deeply influenced by the wisdom of the Emberá indigenous community and beekeeping techniques from Brazil. His steadfast commitment shapes our mission, guiding our conservation efforts towards both impact and sustainability.
  • John Edison Campuzano Martínez (Chief Operating Officer and Educator): John orchestrates the complex symphony of our projects with unmatched precision and dedication. In addition, John actively engages in a spectrum of activities — from grant applications and fieldwork to visiting beekeeping families and teaching. John’s multifaceted contributions form the backbone of our foundation, ensuring our operations run smoothly and our goals are met with significant community impact.
  • Ludivia Ríos Garcia (Logistics, Chef, and Teaching Assistant): Ludivia is essential in our outreach and educational efforts, providing logistical support and nutritious meals at our sanctuary.
  • Erika Tobón Carmona (Social Worker): Erika masterfully enhances and assesses the social dynamics within custodial families and our educational frameworks, ensuring our efforts are both meaningful and transformative.
  • Antonio Ríos Garcia (Nursery Assistant): Antonio plays a key role in the nursery, caring for seedlings and assisting with their growth and transplantation.
  • Alfred Lake (Fieldwork Assistant): Alfred bridges our activities with beekeeping families, playing a pivotal role in coordinating our outreach events and strengthening our community ties.
  • Esméé Joosten (Communications Officer): Esméé crafts our voice, expertly translating, editing, and managing our digital presence to amplify our message across the globe.
  • Maria Alejandra Maya (Fieldwork Assistant): Alejandra is an essential element in our field operations, dedicating herself to the hands-on aspects of our work with vigor and determination.
  • Cristian Rivera (Fieldwork Assistant): Deeply embedded in the heart of meliponiculture, research, and reforestation, Cristian’s commitment fuels our projects with innovative insights and steadfast dedication.
  • Fernando Henao (Designer): Fernando infuses creativity into every aspect of our promotional and scientific communications, crafting materials that not only inform but also inspire.
  • Luis Alberto López Ávila (Fieldwork Assistant): With remarkable self-taught expertise and unmatched enthusiasm, Luis is a beacon of passion in our team.
  • Camilo Contreras (Fieldwork Assistant): Camilo infuses our meliponiculture and reforestation efforts with innovative research insights, elevating our environmental endeavors.
  • Jackeline Patiño (Fieldwork Assistant): Jackeline’s passion for meliponiculture and reforestation adds an enthusiastic presence to our fieldwork, enriching our projects with fresh perspectives.
  • Lucedú Sierra Zuluaga (Educator): With an unwavering passion for enlightening children about the critical roles animals and the environment play in our world, Lucedú significantly amplifies the impact of our educational initiatives.
  • Juan David Castano (Environmental Policy Advisor): Juan David leverages his understanding of political influence on environmental issues to provide strategic guidance, ensuring our conservation efforts resonate at all levels of governance.
  • Felipe Bohorquez (Fieldwork Assistant): Felipe’s expertise in the botanical aspects related to pollinators enriches our knowledge base, supporting our mission to create a thriving ecosystem for native bees.
  • Gabriel Mara (Fieldwork Assistant): Gabriel combines his passion for pollinators and plants with a love for outdoor activities, enhancing both our scientific understanding and community engagement.

Together, we form the heart of the Najil Cab Foundation, a team driven by a shared vision of protecting and understanding Colombia’s native bees and their habitats. The passion, knowledge, and skills of every team member are the lifeblood of our foundation. We invite you to be a part of this important journey to safeguard and celebrate the biodiversity that is essential to our world.

Feeling inspired by what we do? We’re always eager to welcome individuals who want to make a difference. Whether you’re skilled in beekeeping, passionate about conservation, have a flair for education, or simply want to lend a hand in any capacity, your help directly contributes to the protection of native bees and biodiversity and your presence will enrich our journey!